GT800 Loading Non-Zebra Ribbon

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How do you load non-Zebra ribbon into a GT800 printer?

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Loading non-Zebra transfer ribbon in your printer requires the use of Zebra ribbon core adapters.

Minimum requirements to use non-Zebra ribbons with your printer:
• Inside core diameter (I.D.) of 25.4mm (1.0 inch, range 1.004 to 1.016 inches).
  Material: Fiberboard; hard materials such as plastic cores may not function correctly.
• Ribbon width range of 110 to 33mm (4.3 to 1.3 inches).
• The maximum outer diameter of the ribbon is 66mm (2.6 inches).

Caution • Using non-Zebra media or ribbons not approved for use in your Zebra® printer may damage your printer or printhead. Image quality may also be affected by poor or marginal ribbon performance (maximum print speed, ink formulation, etc.), core material (too soft or hard), and fit (loose or tight ribbon core or exceeds maximum outer diameter - 66mm).

Please see Loading Non-Zebra Ribbon on the GT800 for full details.


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  • GT800 Desktop Printer