GT800 Printing on Fanfold Media

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How can fan fold media be used in the GT800 printer?

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Printing on fan-fold media requires you to adjust the media guide’s stop position.

1. Open the top cover.

2. Adjust the media guide stop position with the green thumb wheel. Use a piece of the fanfold media to set the stop position. Rotate the wheel toward you open the guides wider.
Rotate the wheel away from you to make the media guides narrower.

3. Insert the media through the slot at the rear of the printer.

4. Run the media between the media guides and roll holders.

5. Close the top cover.

After printing or feeding several labels: If the media does not track down the center (moves from side to side) or the sides of the media (liner, tag, paper, etc.) are frayed or damaged when exiting the printer, then the media guides or roll holders may need further adjustment.

+ Applicable Products

  • GT800 Desktop Printer