Video: Changing Ribbon on GT800

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How do you replace the ribbon roll on the GT800 printer?

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The GT-Series™ printer has a flexible ribbon system. It supports 300 meter and 74 meter genuine Zebra® ribbons. It also supports third party ribbons with two ribbon roll core adapters for ribbons with an internal diameter (I.D.) of 25.4 millimeters (1 inch).

Transfer ribbons come in several varieties and in some cases colors to match your application needs. Genuine Zebra® transfer ribbons are specifically designed for your printer and Zebra brand media. Using non-Zebra media or ribbons not approved for use in your Zebra® printer may damage your printer or printhead.

Your printer needs to use genuine Zebra® ribbons that have a ribbon out trailer (reflector) to stop printing when empty. Genuine Zebra® ribbons and ribbon cores also include notches used to maintain positive ribbon roll engagement and drive without slipping while printing

To replace the ribbon roll on the GT800 printer, please see the GT800 Ribbon Loading instructions.

There is a video that shows how to change the ribbon roll.

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  • GT800 Desktop Printer