Identifying if a Printer Have 802.11a/c Radio is Installed Using Set Get Do (SGD) Command

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Issue / Question

How do i know if my printer has the 802.11a/c Radio option is Installed

Applicable To

ZD620, ZT400 Series, ZT500 Series, ZQ300 Series , ZD400 Series, ZT600 Series, ZQ600 Series,

Resolution / Answer

To Check if your printer has an 802.11a/c radio installed using SGD commands, you need to send the below command:-


! U1 getvar "allcv"

Make sure you add a carriage return after this command line.

You will then get back most of the printer's settings.

In the 'card' branch of the returned data, you should see the below line if the 802.11a/c is installed:-

"card.idtext2 : 8887 802.11ac SDIO ID: 0C"

The below image shows the 'card' branch of returned 'allcv' data with the 802.11ac line in bold:-


+ Applicable Products

  • ZD410D
  • ZD420C
  • ZD620-D-T
  • ZD620D
  • ZD620T
  • ZQ310
  • ZQ320
  • ZQ610
  • ZQ620
  • ZT410 Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 Industrial Printer
  • ZT510 Industrial Printer
  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers