Incorrect Print Position with Silverline Slim M4i on the ZT410R Silverline Printer

Article ID: 82072599

Issue / Question

Customer prints and encodes to the tag using ZebraDesigner Pro.

The label is Global Confidex Silverline Slim M4i.

The image is incorrectly positioned when encoding EPC Tag.

The image will print on the gap between 2 labels, and also the label length is changed to about 180dots but the label size is only 104dots (13mm)

Applicable To

ZT410R Silverline

Resolution / Answer

Checked datasheet of Confidex Silverline Slim, the label pitch on reel is 25.4 mm / 1”. So the label cannot be set as 13 mm.

In Zebra Designer Pro we should set as 25.4 mm or set the gap to 12.4 mm.
Usually we can ignore the gap when design template, but in this case the Silverline Slim M4i label has a large gap so we should add the gap size correctly.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT410 RFID Industrial Printer