Input special mark in ZebraDesigner Pro keyboard input data field

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Issue / Question

Customer uses ZebraDesigner Pro, Using the Datamatrix code can you have keyboard input variable.

Customer wants to add carriage return and line feed into Datamatrix code. In fix data field we can direct press enter key to add them. 

But in keyboard input data field, if press enter key, the cursor will move to next field.

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner Pro

Resolution / Answer

We have 2 methods to input special mark/characters

1. If we need to add a carriage return and line feed, just input <CR><LF> as the character/value.
     For other values please refer the ASCII key abbreviation list.

2. Click the input box, click the right arrow at the right edge, Select the Insert Special Character choice and then the specific item required

+ Applicable Products

  • ZebraDesigner Pro
  • ZebraDesigner Pro