Laminate Positioning on the ZXP7, ZXP8 and ZXP9 Card Printers

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Issue / Question

How do I adjust the size and position of a laminate patch on a card?

How do I stop the laminate hanging over the edge of the card?

My laminate does not cover all of the card.

Applicable To

ZXP9 Series, ZXP8 Series, ZXP7 Series

Resolution / Answer

ZXP laminate adjustments

The ZXP Series 7,8 and 9 can be fitted with a laminator module.
The laminate is supplied on a continuous roll which is loaded in the laminator module
Laminate is a thin 1 mil polyester film which is laid on top of a printed card and provides additional security and abrasion resistance to the card.
The film is cut to size (length) and placed on top of the card.
There is no adjustment for laminate width or position in the Y axis (in landscape mode)
The laminator then applies pressure and heat to activate the adhesive on the laminate which sticks it to the card.
Adjustments which can be made are: Length of the laminate patch and the lead edge position of the patch with respect to the lead edge of the card. These adjustments are made through the toolbox which is part of the driver.
 To access the Laminator Adjustments you must first open the printer's toolbox from Printer Properties within the printer's driver.


 Then select Printer Settings followed by Advanced Settings

You will be asked to enter a Password which is only available to trained personell.
The password will be given during training, or contact Zebra Technical Support.

Select the Laminator Adjustments tab

The Leading Edge Margin (LEM) moves the patch closer to, or further from, the edge of the card and the Trailing Edge Margin (TEM) determines the length of the patch.
LEM can be set differently for the top and the bottom of the card, but TEM is the same for both.

Click the Send button to save the adjustments.


+ Applicable Products

  • ZXP Series 7 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 8 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 9 Card Printer