Loading a TTP 2000 Kiosk printer

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Loading a TTP 2000 kiosk printer

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Install a Paper Guide

The TTP 2000 printers require a paper guide for proper operation. This paper guide allows the printer to be configured for use with 58, 60, 80, or 82.5 mm width media. The printer senses which paper guide is fitted and adjusts to it automatically. The TTP 2000 printers are delivered without paper guide fitted.

01970-058-3 - Paper Guide Kit 58 mm
01970-060-3 - Paper Guide Kit 60 mm
01970-080-3 - Paper Guide Kit 80 mm
01970-082-3 - Paper Guide Kit 82.5 mm

Installing a Paper Roll
1. Turn the new paper roll as shown in Figure 1. The paper should be inserted into the
printer with the temperature-sensitive side up.

Figure 1 • Paper Roll Orientation

2. Tear off a full turn of the paper from the new paper roll.

Figure 2 • Tear Off a Full Turn from the New Paper Roll

3. Make sure the printer is turned ON.

4. Cut the paper at a suitable angle. See Figure 3.

Figure 3 • Suitable Paper Edge for Auto Load

Important • The paper sensor for 58 mm and 60 mm paper is on the same side as the
interface connector, while the sensor for 80 mm and 82.5 mm paper is on the power
connector side. If the paper is cut in a direction opposite to that as shown in the figure above,
the sensor will not detect the paper.

5. Insert the paper through the paper entry opening at the back of the printer.
The printer will now feed, cut and eject a printout, and then automatically go on-line.

Figure 4 • Insert the New Paper

Clearing Paper Jams

Should a paper jam occur, follow the procedure below:
1. Open the printhead by pressing the green release lever toward the rear of the printer.
2. Lift the printhead.

Figure 5 • Opening the Printhead

3. Remove all jammed paper and make sure the paper path is clear before closing the

Figure 6 • Remove Jammed Paper

Please see the printer’s User Guide for further details.
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