Printing PDF files using the PDF direct - virtual device

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Issue / Question

This solution is useful for

- Printing PDFs with the ZebraLink SDK 

- By using PDF’s created by the ERP system, those documents can be archived for later retrieval and reprinting.

- PDF’s can be created at the intended print size – eliminating the need to scale documents, which can induce bar code scanning issues. 

Applicable To

Zebra Link-OS Compatible Printers 

Resolution / Answer

Using the "Link-OS PDF Virtual Device"

This is a purchased application available from Zebra. Read More>>

Consult your Zebra Dealer for price and availability. (for Zebra Link-OS Printers Only) 

•  Send PDF documents directly to Link-OS printers for immediate printing - without needing to convert them into other formats
• Reduce or eliminate the need for "format conversion" middleware
• Provide a robust, scalable and reliable printing solution


Not using the above application - Printing PDFs from the ZebraLink Multi-platform SDK

The PDF file format cannot be directly sent to Zebra printers for printing, and, at the time, the ZebraLink SDK only facilitates the printing of standard image formats such as PNG, BMP, and JPEG.  As current PDF standards are ever-evolving, PDF rendering support is inconsistent.  Android, Blackberry, Windows CE and Windows Mobile do not ship with an embedded PDF rendering solution, and Zebra does not make a PDF conversion tool available as part of the ZebraLink SDK.  

This situation does not apply for Apple mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone because iOS provides an embedded PDF rendering engine.  Using these tools, a developer can convert a PDF into a JPEG and then call ZebraLink SDK functions to print the generated JPEG.  This approach was taken with Zebra Utilities for iOS. Read More>>

Additional Information

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