Printing on both sides with ZC10L

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Can I print on both sides with ZC10L printer

Duplex (double sided) printing on ZC10L

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ZC10L Dual sided printing

Zebra’s ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can produce full, edge-to-edge colour cards in one printing process. 
Card Size 5.5" x 3.46" (140 mm x 88 mm)

The ZC10L is not equipped with a flipper and therefore is only sold as a single sided printer.
If a user wishes to print Dual sided with the ZC10L then the card must be manually turned over and some settings in the driver altered.
Steps to produce Dual sided cards:
Load the cards with the tagged edge down

Print as normal but UNCHECK Rotate 180 degrees and UNCHECK paper cut mode (trail edge correction should be checked)
This will ensure that the printed cards can be fed through the printer again.

Once the card has been printed, carefully load it back in to the card hopper with the tagged edge down and the printed side facing away from you. The cards should be placed at the rear of the drawer.

Change the driver settings such that Paper cut mode is CHECKED (trail edge correction should be checked) and CHECK Rotate 180 degrees.

When the card is printed it will be printed on both sides and trimmed correctly.
You may have to adjust the image you want to print on the second side to achieve the desired output
If you are intending to print several cards, then it is advised that you ensure that you have enough ribbon available before starting.

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