QLn220 Printer auto disable wireless when connected to charging cradle bay

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Issue / Question

Why printer auto connects to ethernet when connected to a 4 slot charging cradle?

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Mobile printer model QLn220, 4 slot charging cradle, wireless auto disable, auto connect Ethernet

Resolution / Answer


When printer is connected to a 4-slot charging cradle bay it will automatically connects to ethernet.

The printer is configured and setup only as a wireless connection. As on the below photo showing the printer state in wireless connection

When the printer is connected to a 4-slot charging cradle the printer automatically connects to the ethernet network.
Even though physically the 4-slot charging cradle is not connected with an ethernet cable.
The below photo shows the printer state when connected to the cradle where it automatically disable the wireless connection

The printer is connected to a 4-slot charging cradle part # P1031365-048 : Click Here

Solution :

  1. By sending in SGD command to disable the internal wired auto switchover on the printer
! U1 setvar "internal_wired.auto_switchover" "off"
! U1 getvar "internal_wired.auto_switchover"
! U1 do "device.reset" ""
  1. When connected to the 4-slot charging cradle the printer will no longer auto connected to the ethernet
  2. This feature for the 4-slot charging cradle by default will have this feature enabled and the printer will automatically connect to the ethernet even though it is not configured or physically connected to the wired network


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  • QLn220 Mobile Printer