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Using ZebraDesigner to Print Andale Font

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Issue / Question

How can an Andale font be selected for use in ZebraDesigner?

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner label software

Resolution / Answer

Do ensure that the printer is having the require Andale font file.

If the printer do not have the required font, please find more details here.


1. Launch ZebraDesigner and create new label

2. Selecting the desired printer driver

3. Selecting the printer settings from file menu to do some configuration

4. Selecting the memory tab from the driver properties and configure Andale<X> file
Note: DRAM is for R drive, Flash is for E drive and Memory Card is for B drive.

5. Finish configuring the memory card and you will have the font loaded on the ZebraDesigner

6. Design and input the desired characters onto the label

7. You will have the desired print out

Extra Note

When either E drive or B drive memory is not having the available memory size, it will give the above error message.
As for above example, the printer do not have sufficient memory on E drive.
Thus, B drive is being selected to perform Andale font printing

+ Applicable Products

  • ZebraDesigner
  • ZebraDesigner;ZebraDesigner Series