Using the ~DY Command to Store Files

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How to use the ~DY command to store files on a printer

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ZPL, store files,  ~DY command, DOS, USB share, .nrd files, HTTPS_CERT, HTTPS_KEY.NRD, certificates, NRD files, COPY command

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ZT400 Series, ZT500 Series, QLn Series, ZT200 Series, ZD Series, ZT600 Series, ZQ500 Series

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The ZPL ~DY command allows one to store files onto a printer.   Certificates are one type of files that can be stored on a printer.

One method that illustrates the usage of the ~DY command with a .NRD file  is illustrated below:

1.  The ~DY command requires one to know the file size of the file that is to be downloaded and saved on the printer,
A method to determine the file size of the file is to use DOS DIRECTORY command (DIR)  as illustrated below:

2.  Create  a txt file with the ~DY command and the following data.


~DYE:               - instructs the printer to store the file in E: memory

~DYE:HTTPS_CERT     - the name of the file (without the extension) to be stored on the printer

~DYE:HTTPS_CERT,A    - the A signifies that the file we be  uncompressed (ZB64,ASCII)

~DYE:HTTPS_CERT,A,NRD     - The "NRD" shows that the file extension on the printer will be ".NRD" in this example

~DYE:HTTPS_CERT,A,NRD,1489,,     - 1489 is the size of the file to be stored as illustrated above.

~DYE:HTTPS_CERT,A,NRD,1489,,A,         - the 'A'  is used with ASCII, hexadecimal or ZB64

EXAMPLE TEXT FILE SHOWN BELOW:  (Note in this example the file created was called "HEADER.TXT"

3.  When this file is then placed into the same folder as the file to be stored, one can use a DOS copy command to send the data to the printer to be stored.

Sending data to the serial port . 

Below is the illustration if one wishes to utilize a USB port with the copy command using a 'share'

in this example the full computer name being used is 80W7-WIN7WIN8.    The computer name is used when sending data to a USB share. 

I can create a 'share' on the USB printer via the windows printer driver  properties as shown below:

Using the same computer name illustrated above I can send the data to the printers USB port
as shown below: 



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