ZBI Developer uses SNMP with on-printer debugging

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Issue / Question

On-Printer debugging is not working.   Setting SNMP settings for ZBI Developer.

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ZBI Developer, SNMP, on-printer debugging.

Resolution / Answer

The SNMP settings on the printer and ZBI developer are used to control how ZBI-Developer interacts with a printer on the on-printer debugging features are in use.  ZBI Developer will use SNMP command ("set" and "get") to activate the debugging features on the printer.  The default settings are the recommended settings.   

Some networks may be configured to not allow SNMP traffic.   Please consult with your network administrator first if the on-printer debugging features are not working when you have successfully connected to a printer.  The connection to a networked printer can be test by right-clicking over the printer in the Printers View and choosing Print Configuration label. If the connection is active,  a configuration label should print. 

SNMP related sgd commands for Link-OS printers include the following:
ip.snmp.enable        Choices: on,off

ZBI developer has options for SNMP that are shown in the image below:

+ Applicable Products

  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 110PAX Print Engines (disc.)
  • 110Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 140Xi4
  • 140Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 170PAX4
  • 170Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 220Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • Card Printers
  • Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GK Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GX Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GX Desktop Printers
  • GK420 Healthcare Desktop Printers
  • GK420d Desktop Printer
  • GK420d Healthcare Desktop Printer
  • GK420e
  • GK420t Desktop Printer
  • GK420t Healthcare Desktop Printer
  • GK888 Desktop Printer
  • GK888d
  • GK888t
  • GX420Rx Desktop Printer
  • GX420d Product Printers
  • GX420d Desktop Printer
  • GX420t Desktop Printer
  • GX430d Desktop Printer
  • GX430t Desktop Printer
  • KR403 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • KR403 Kiosk Receipt Printer
  • Kiosk Printers
  • MZ Series
  • MZ-220
  • MZ-320
  • Mobile Printers
  • Portfolio & Product
  • Print Engines
  • Printers
  • QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers
  • QLn Series Mobile Printers
  • QLn220 Healthcare
  • QLn220 Mobile Printer
  • QLn320 Healthcare
  • QLn320 Mobile Printer
  • QLn420 Mobile Printer
  • S4M
  • S4M Series
  • Xi Series Industrial Printers
  • ZD420 Series
  • ZD420-D-T
  • ZD420-D-T-HC
  • ZD420-HC
  • ZD420C
  • ZD420D
  • ZD420D-HC
  • ZD420T
  • ZD420T-HC
  • ZD500 Desktop Printer
  • ZD500 Desktop Printer
  • ZD620 Series
  • ZD620-D-T
  • ZD620-D-T-HC
  • ZD620D
  • ZD620D-HC
  • ZD620T
  • ZD620T-HC
  • ZE500 Print Engines
  • ZE500 Print Engines
  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer
  • ZT200 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT210 Industrial Printer
  • ZT220 Industrial Printer
  • ZT230 Industrial Printer
  • ZT400 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT410 Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 Industrial Printer
  • ZT500 Industrial Printers
  • ZT510 Industrial Printer
  • ZT600 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT610 Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 Industrial Printer