ZC Cards not feeding

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Issue / Question

ZC printer cards not feeding and showing a "Card Feeding Failed" error.

Applicable To

ZC100, ZC300, ZC350

Resolution / Answer

A "Card Feeding Failed" error is triggered when the card is not feeding at the input hopper. 

Here are some of the probable causes:

  • Check if the cards are stuck together in the input hopper.
  • Check if the card pick roller or the entry/exit module is dirty.
  • Check if the back surface of the card is too slick for the card pick roller. 

Here are the ZC card compatibility specifications (if you are not using Zebra Cards):

  • Card thickness: 10 - 40 mil
  • Card size: CR80 ISO 7810 ID-1 format, CR79 
  • Card material: PVC and PVC composite
  • Adhesive back and writeable back cards
  • Spot color or monochrome printing only on <20 mil thick cards and CR79 cards


NOTE For optimum print quality and printer performance, the use of genuine Zebra supplies is recommended.

Here are some recommendations that you could do:

  1. Verify that the cards are within the specifications stated above (especially if the cards are not genuine Zebra cards). If the error persists, try using a Zebra card to verify that the printer is working as intended. 
  2. Clean the printer. View the "ZC100/300 Series How To: Cleaning the Printer" video to learn more.
  3. Clean the pick roller with an alcohol swab.

  1. Verify that the cleaning core on the ribbon is properly seated with the ribbon cartridge. 

+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC150
  • ZC350