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ZC Flipper Troubleshooting

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Issue / Question

ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 Flipper Troubleshooting guide

Applicable To

ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350

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Probable Cause

Possible Solution

Card jam in flipper

  • A card is stuck in the flipper, or between the flipper and the printer.
  • Open and close the print cover.
  • Open the print cover, use the card jam wheel to move the stuck card out of the flipper, then close the print cover.
  • Remove the flipper window and remove the stuck card.

Flipper rotation failed

  • A card is blocking the rotation of the flipper.
  • Check the reject bin for any cards that may have fallen back into the flipper.
  • Remove the flipper window and remove the stuck card.
  • Remove the flipper and remove the stuck card.

Flipper PCBA failed

  • A communication error occurred between the main PCBA and the flipper PCBA.
  • Power cycle the printer.
  • Remove the flipper then install again. Ensure the flipper is properly seated.

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+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC150
  • ZC350