ZC Print Engine Troubleshooting

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ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 Print Engine Troubleshooting guide

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ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350

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Print Engine



Probable Cause

Possible Solution

Card jam in printer

  • There is an obstruction in the card path.
  • The ribbon is stuck to the card.
  • The card is slipping on the drive rollers.
  • The card used is outside of the printer specification.
  • Rear deck not installed correctly.
  • Open the print cover, use the card jam wheel to move the stuck card, then close the print cover.
  • Open the print cover, remove the stuck ribbon from the card, close the print cover.
  • Clean the printer.
  • Verify cards meet printer specification.

Print cover open

  • There is an obstruction preventing the cover from closing all the way.
  • Sensor contact missing from print cover.
  • The print cover open sensor has malfunctioned.
  • Open the printer, check for obstructions.
  • Locate and replace missing sensor contact.
  • Check the print cover sensor status in “Advanced Settings”.

Light print on long edge of card

  • Side filler panel not installed correctly.
  • Open printer, remove ribbon and install filler panel on affected side correctly.

Clicking sound while printing

  • Side filler panels not installed.
  • Install side filler panels.

Printhead motion blocked

  • There is an obstruction in the printer.
  • The printhead cam motor has malfunctioned.
  • Remove the obstruction.
  • Test the printhead cam motion in the diagnostics window.

Check printhead cable

  • Printhead cable is unplugged, not fully seated, or damaged.
  • Check the connection of the printhead cable and the printhead.


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+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC150
  • ZC350