ZC Ribbons Troubleshooting

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ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 Print Engine Troubleshooting guide

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ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350

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Probable Cause

Possible Solution

Ribbon jam

  • Ribbon is broken.
  • Ribbon is stuck to the card.
  • Ribbon payout encoder sensor has malfunctioned.
  • Ribbon payout encoder is out of position.
  • Repair the ribbon.
  • Check the card stock.
  • Replace the ribbon.
  • Check payout ribbon encoder position.

Ribbon color detection failed

  • Ribbon color detect sensor requires calibration.
  • Ribbon authentication chip is incorrect for the ribbon.
  • Ribbon sensor reflector on the printhead is dirty.
  • Ribbon color detect sensor has malfunctioned.
  • Calibrate the ribbon color detect sensor.
  • Replace the ribbon.
  • Clean the ribbon sensor reflector on the printhead.

Ribbon authentication failed

  • Ribbon authentication chip is dirty, damaged, or not programmed properly.
  • Ribbon authentication chip contacts on the printer are damaged.
  • The ribbon is not a genuine Zebra ribbon.
  • Clean the authentication chip.
  • Check the chip contacts in the printer.
  • Replace the ribbon.

Ribbon break

  • Printing too close to edge of card.
  • Card material not compatible.
  • Overlay on cards.
  • Adjust X offset.
  • Adjust image fill.
  • Check card stock.
  • Check ribbon cleaning core is installed correctly.
  • Replace ribbon

Incompatible ribbon

  • Ribbon has been loaded in the printer that is not compatible with the printer model.
  • Replace ribbon with ribbon that is compatible with the printer model.
  • Check ribbon part number for custom OEM.

Out of ribbon

  • Ribbon is broken.
  • There are no panel sets remaining on the ribbon authentication chip.
  • Repair the ribbon.
  • Check the ribbon type in the driver.
  • Ribbon authentication chip malfunctioned.


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+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC150
  • ZC350