ZC100 ZC300 ZC350 firmware upgrade

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Issue / Question

How to upgrade the ZC100 ZC300 & ZC350 firmware upgrade

Applicable To

ZC100/ZC300/ZC350 card printer

Resolution / Answer

1. Download the latest firmware from www.zebra.com

2. Select the printer model and select the latest firmware for the printer.


3. Go to Control Panel --> Devices and Printer

4. Right click on the selected printer --> Printing preferences

5. Printer Printing preferences will show up, click on Advanced Settings

We can check the current version as below: 

Click on the  (File Browser), locate the file that where you download the firmware version and click on Open. Then click 

You will see the screen as below, and press OK.

Press OK again, 

The firmware upgrading process will start 

Once the firmware update is successfully, the newer version of firmware will show to current version session.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZC100
  • ZC300-LA-APAC
  • ZC300-NA-EMEA
  • ZC350