ZD620 & ZD420 Factory Reset

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How do I do a factory Reset on ZD620?
How do I do a factory Reset on ZD420?

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ZD620 and ZD420

Resolution / Answer

Here are a few options to reset the printers configuration to the factory default values.
Note: This excludes network printer settings.

Note: You need to follow up with a sensor calibration after this procedure as the value of your sensors will be reset as well. (ZD620 & ZD420 Manual Media Calibration Video.)

There are two ways to do this Factory Reset

Reset Printer Factory Defaults procedure with the User interface by following these steps:

1. Turn OFF the printer.
2. While turning ON the printer, press and hold PAUSE + FEED

3.  Keep holding the PAUSE + FEED until the STATUS indicator is the only indicator lit.

The printer configuration is reset to the factory default values. No labels print at the end of this action.

Reset Printer Factory by Pressing the Reset button on the bottom of the printer.

ZD-Series printer has a dedicated reset button located on the bottom of the printer (see the green square in the picture below) which can be pressed with a paperclip or similar small object.

Pressing the button has the following results based on the length of the button press:

0-1 second No action
1-5 seconds Printer reset – Printer performs a factory reset and will automatically print a configuration label (and network label if present)
6-10 seconds Network reset – Printer drops connection to the network, and a network factory default reset occurs. Upon completion of the reset, a configuration and network configuration label are automatically printed.
More than 10 Seconds Exits the factory defaults function without resetting the printer or making changes

ZD620 and ZD420 Users Guide

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD420C
  • ZD420D
  • ZD420T
  • ZD620T