ZD888 Media Calibration via Feed Button

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Issue / Question

How do you perform the media calibration using the feed button?

Applicable To

ZD888 Thermal Transfer and ZD888 Direct Thermal

Resolution / Answer

The FEED button is a multi-function button. With the printer ON, pressing the FEED button longer than two (2) seconds initializes the Power On FEED Button modes.

The printer includes some advanced features that are accessed via the FEED button. The operator observes the STATUS Indicator light pattern changes to select each Advanced mode.

The Power ON advanced modes are designed to help with printer configuration and print setup. By pressing and holding the FEED button when the printer is ON and Ready (green STATUS Indicator) for two (2) seconds, the printer enters Advanced mode. One of these Advanced modes is Media Calibration.

Media Calibration (Two Flash) - Calibrates the printer for the installed media (labels, paper, tags, etc.) using Smart Cal routine to set media (label) sensing parameters

Continue holding the FEED button, the STATUS Indicator will flash twice. If you release the FEED button here, the printer begins measuring media and then setting the start of the media position and exits Advanced mode.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD888D
  • ZD888T
  • ZD888T-HC