ZD888 Non-Continuous labels acting as Continuous labels

Article ID: 48090245

Issue / Question

A non-continuous label format with non-continuous media loaded in the printer may print as if using continuous media.

Applicable To

ZD888 Thermal Transfer and ZD888 Direct Thermal

Resolution / Answer

A non-continuous label format with matching media loaded in the printer, was sent to the printer but prints like it is continuous media.

Possible Cause - 1
The printer was not calibrated for the media being used.
The printer will need to be calibrated.

Possible Cause - 2
The printer is configured for continuous media.

Set the printer for the correct media type (gap/notch, continuous, or mark) and calibrate the printer using SmartCal Media Calibration.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD888D
  • ZD888T
  • ZD888T-HC