ZD888 'Ribbon Out' Error

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What do I do if I get a 'Ribbon Out' Error ?

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ZD888 Thermal Transfer printer

Resolution / Answer

Detecting a Ribbon Out Condition
When you run out of ribbon, your printer will report a Media Alert for a ‘Ribbon Out’ condition with the Status Indicator. The printer detects the silvery reflector on the end of Zebra brand ribbon roll and the printer displays a Media Alert (Status Indicator is Flashing Red). This is part of the normal media usage cycle.

Recovering from a Ribbon Out condition
1. Open the printer.
2. Observe a reflective ribbon (used to detect end of ribbon) is exposed on the underside of the ribbon cartridge or ribbon roll.The front ribbon/top roll is also full.
3. Remove the used Take Up roll of ribbon and dispose of it properly. Keep the now empty Supply ribbon core localed towards the bottom/back of the ribbon carriage.
4. Load new ribbon rolls . See Loading Thermal Transfer Roll Ribbon.
5. Press the FEED (Advance) button once to resume printing.

Ribbon Out
1 — The printer is printing and stops while printing.
2 — A print job has been sent to the printer and the printer immediately reports this Alert.

Possible Cause - 1
The printer has detected the end of the ribbon. The end of the ribbon has a reflective trailer on the end of Genuine Zebra Transfer Ribbon that the printer ‘sees’ as End of Ribbon.

Resolution - Remove the ribbon and replace the ribbon rolls or ribbon cartridge in the printer without turning the printer OFF. Close the printer. You may need to press the FEED button once or the PAUSE button the get the printer to resume your print operation. See the above "Detecting a Ribbon Out Condition".

+ Applicable Products

  • ZD888D
  • ZD888T
  • ZD888T-HC