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ZSL Licensing Server Connectivity

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How to activate device using cloud licensing servers within internet restricted network

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Zebra Software licensing

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License manager client uses activation codes to communicate with the license server and retrieve a license for the software (See detailed diagram ) .

In case of device connected to internet restricted network, there are 3 options available:

1. Off-line Licensing  :

  • Activate licenses offline via Software License Portal’  Refer to  SOFTWARE LICENSES PORTAL  for End Users Quick Reference Guide  - Section Activating Licenses on an Off-line Device Page 22      
  • Also License Manager provides a Local License Server option (LLS), enabling organizations to employ an on-premise server to distribute licenses to devices without access to the internet. This option requires software installed on a company's own IP-based Linux or Windows server in advance of license distribution to devices.
For more information, including hardware requirements and setup instructions, refer to the Local License Server Administration Guide (.pdf).

Benefits of the Local license server :

  • Useful when the customer network is restricted and the proxy server is not an option.
  • Devices need to be activated at different times and can connect to the same LLS at all times.

2. Customers can open the connectivity of their devices within their Network/Firewall to the license server source 

Production: (Port 80 ,443 )
UAT: (optional - special cases only)  - (Port 80 ,443 )
The following IPs are used for redundancy planning. Highly suggested to ensure proxy/firewall supports the DR address rang
          • DR -

3. A forward or reverse proxy server can be used in case of device that does not have direct access to the license server source  


Configuring a Proxy Server To set up a Proxy Server for the Licensing Server:

  1. Deploy a proxy server. There are many commercial and open source proxy servers available.
  2. Ensure your voice clients have the appropriate DNS information to access the DNS server (e.g. via DHCP options).
  3. Add a DNS record in the DNS server to resolve the Licensing Server domain to one of the following addresses:
UAT: (optional - special cases only)
The following IPs are used for redundancy planning. Highly suggested to ensure proxy/firewall supports the DR address range
• DR - 4.

       4. Configure the Proxy Server to allow traffic on port 443 to the Licensing Server through to the internet, while blocking all other traffic.

Benefits of the proxy or white listing the license server source :

  • The proxy [forward or reverse] servers can be enabled as required. For ex, only during activation of the licenses for perpetual licenses [ex. For WFC, EB 2.0, etc]. And the proxy servers can be uninstalled when done.
  • Useful when the devices cannot access the same LLS at all times.
  • Visibility and transparency of the license consumption and device usage to the customer and Zebra.
  • More downstream benefits when the device is sent in for repair, etc

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