ZT600 Firmware Download Failure and Force Download Mode

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Issue / Question

This procedure is used when the printer fails to recognize attempts to load a firmware file.

Applicable To

ZT610, ZT620

Resolution / Answer

Please Note: You can only use a Serial or USB**  Communication as any fitted Ethernet, Parallel ports are not active in this mode.

**If using USB you will need to download the firmware using a utility Read More>>

1) Make sure the printer is powered off.

2) Hold down the top two menu selection buttons (highlighted in the picture below), whilst the printer is powered off.

3) Power the printer on and continue holding the buttons until you see "Download New Firmware, USB: Active"

4) The printer is now in Force Download Mode.

5) You can now begin to download the firmware to the printer.
     Firmware and download instructions Read More>>

6) Once the firmware is successfully installed, the printer will reboot. The new firmware version will be shown on the printer's LCD.

+ Applicable Products

  • ZT610 Industrial Printer
  • ZT610 RFID Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 RFID Industrial Printer