ZT600 Series index.wml Not Functioning

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Issue / Question

An Index.wml file is not displayed on a ZT600 series printer.

Applicable To

ZT610, ZT620

Resolution / Answer

In ZT600 series, the WML file to be used by the printer has to be specified with the "display.root_wml" SGD command. 
And the default value of "display.root_wml" SGD command is "INDEXCOLOR.WML".

Assuming you save the index.wml in the memory location E:, you would send the following command. 

! U1 setvar "display.root_wml" "e:index.wml"



+ Applicable Products

  • ZT610 Industrial Printer
  • ZT610 RFID Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 Industrial Printer
  • ZT620 RFID Industrial Printer