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ZebraDesigner Software - Resolving License Key Activation Issues

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Issue / Question

How do i reset my ZebraDesigner license key?

Resolving ZebraDesigner License Activation Issues

Applicable To

ZebraDesigner v2.0

ZebraDesigner Pro Version 2
ZebraDesigner for mySAP Business Suite 2
ZebraDesigner for XML v2

Resolution / Answer


License Number (733000-xxxxxx-xxxxxx) and Installation ID


License activation issues typically occur to due to one of the following reasons: -

  • No internet access or a proxy/firewall is preventing access to the activation server.
  • The license has previously been activated on a computer but not de-activated from that same computer.
  • License components on the computer are not installed correctly or are outdated and may not support the OS or hardware.


Activating the license within ZebraDesigner does not give detailed error messages so it's recommended to use the included License Manager application to display a more detailed message. This is necessary to determine the resolution path. You can launch the License Manger application from the ZebraDesigner start menu group.

Below is an example of some errors that may be displayed in the License Manager:

  • "Error 1660"
  • "Socket Error 1" or "Socket Error 2"
  • "Cannot Receive Activation Data"
  • "Unknown error # -98" or other "Unknown Error"
  • "Cannot access the web site.  You may be behind a fire wall."
  • "SOAP 1.2 fault: SOAP-ENV Sender..." or similar.
  • "License is already used."



Upgrade ZebraDesigner

First, install the most current version of ZebraDesigner software. This ensures you have the latest license components and they are installed and working correctly.

ZebraDesigner software updates are available for download from the Zebra website at the links below. 

ZebraDesigner Pro v2  Read More>>

Zebra Designer for XML Read More>>

ZebraDesigner for mySAP Read More>>

Updating your ZebraDesigner software can be accomplished by simply executing an install of the appropriate ZebraDesigner you have downloaded from the Zebra web site. Any existing version 2 software will automatically be removed and replaced by the new version. 

To ensure all ZebraDesigner features work as expected it is recommended that you remove all existing ZDesigner drivers and install the latest version.

Details on uninstalling the ZebraDesigner driver can be found here. Read More>>

After upgrading the software, reboot the PC to ensure the new license service is running.

Next, check the license status. Launch the License Manager from:

Start > All Programs > Zebra Technologies > ZebraDesigner [your edition]



 On the menu, go to Help > About License Manger

 If the STATUS shows ‘Unlimited License’ the problem is resolved and your product is licensed. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


Attempt Activation

If necessary, launch the License Manager from:

Start > All Programs > Zebra Technologies > ZebraDesigner [your edition]

Attempt to activate your license and determine any error messages. If the activation attempt still fails, choose the appropriate resolution below based on the error message.


If you receive a "License already used" message, the license is active or has been active on a different computer. If that computer is available, the license can be de-activated from the computer and activated again.

Information on how to deactivate the license from your computer can be found in the Internet Deactivate or Export License sections of the License Manager Help. License Manager Help PDF Read More>>

If the computer is not available, you may request that the license is reset.

If you need to request a reset, please complete the online form at www.zebra.com/reset Read More>>

For all other error messages, it's likely access to the activation server is preventing a successful activation. In this case you can use the manual activation method or contact your network administrator to check your proxy or firewall settings.

Your network administrator should check a proxy or firewall has access to www.internetactivation.com


+ Applicable Products

  • ZebraDesigner
  • ZebraDesigner Pro
  • ZebraDesigner Pro
  • ZebraDesigner for XML
  • ZebraDesigner for XML
  • ZebraDesigner for mySAP
  • ZebraDesigner v2
  • ZebraDesigner;ZebraDesigner Series