Adding USB Printing Support to Browser-Based Apps using Zebra's Browser Print

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Topic or Information

Zebra offers Developers source code for printing from a Browser

Applies To

• ZT400™ series
• ZT200™ series
• ZD400™ series
• ZD500™ series
• LP2824+

• Windows 7, Windows 10
• Internet Explorer v11 or later, Chrome v51 or later


Developers can now quickly add USB-based printing support to their browser-based apps on Windows 7 and 10, when using Internet Explorer v11 or Chrome v51 or later. The source code and documentation that come with Browser Print make adding print capabilities simple and straightforward. The ability to perform print time status checking is also included. This solution greatly simplifies the task of adding USB-based printing to your application - saving developers time. Developers can also enhance their apps with printer status checking at print time.

See the Zebra Browser Print Web Page for details and links to this application Read More>>



Maurits K