Adjusting the LCD Brightness or Contrast on the Zebra Card Printer

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You can adjust the contrast or brightness of the front control panel LCD to your liking if the default is not satisfactory.

Applies To

Zebra Value Class and Performance Class Card Printers (P100i, P110i, P110m, P120i, P330i, P430i)


If you need to adjust the brightness or contrast of your printer's LCD display, you will need access to the printer driver and the "Device Settings" tab.

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Using the tools option in the Device Settings:

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Enter the following command in the "Commands to send to printer" line.


Specifies the contrast of the LCD display range 0-9

If you need to adjust the brightness you will use the following command.


Specifies the intensity (brightness) of the LCD display range 0 or 1

Additional Information

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+ Product Codes

  • P100i
  • P110i
  • P120i
  • P330i Card Printer
  • Value Class Card Printer