Bluetooth and WiFi connection pairing a mobile printer with an iPad or iPhone

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Only certain Zebra Mobile Printers support Bluetooth connectivity with iOS devices.  All Zebra Mobile Printers support printing via WiFi from an iOS device.

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Zebra Mobile Printer models


All Zebra Mobile Printer models will support printing via WiFi given that an application is properly developed.  We offer our ZebraLink Multiplatform SDK for development if needed.  Read More>>

All iMZ Series Mobile printers as well as QLn Series Mobile Printers running firmware version V68.19.7Z firmware or later support Bluetooth connectivity to iOS devices. 

Note:  Qxx-xxCxxMxx-xx and Qxx-xxNxxMxx-xx configurations are required with QLn Series Printers for iOS bluetooth compatibility.

The iMZ Series and certain QLn Series Mobile Printers have the ability to pair and print from iOS devices via Bluetooth.  Below are notes on each:

iMZ Series Mobile Printers:

By default, the printer's Bluetooth card should be configured for pairing with an iOS device.  However, if you have a configuration of iMZ Printer that has the Dual Radio option (Mxx-xxN0xxxx-00) you may need to send the command below to enable Bluetooth connectivity on the unit.

! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable" "on"

If you connect an iMZ Series Printer to an Apple iOS device the printer will then stay defaulted to iOS Bluetooth connectivity and may require another command to be sent to allow for connectivity to other non-iOS devices:

! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable_reconnect" "off"

QLn Series Mobile Printers:

Only the configurations of QLn Printers mentioned above (Qxx-xxCxxMxx-xx and Qxx-xxNxxMxx-xx) have the ability to connect via Bluetooth to iOS devices.  Also, you are required to be running firmware version V68.19.7Z or later to enable this option.  Similar to the iMZ Printers, if you have the configuration that includes the Dual Radio (Qxx-xxNxxMxx-xx) you may need to send the "bluetooth.enable" command to enable the Bluetooth option:

! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable" "on"

At that point you should be able to discover and pair the device with your iOS devices.

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