Calibrating the TTP 2130 for fanfold media

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Steps for Calibrating the TTP 2130 for fanfold media

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Zebra TTP2130 and TTP2110


Before you begin the calibration process, make sure you have parameter 36 (Document Mode) set to 2 (Black Mark) and you have selected the correct sensor (reflex or fork) and the sensor board has been positioned correctly. For more information on the reflex or fork sensor please refer to page 12-14 in the 2100 technical manual.

1. Remove the paper from the printer.

2. Open the print head by pushing the lever on top.

3. With the print head open, hold the feed button for 5 seconds and then close the head (while you are closing the head do not let go of the Feed button and continue to hold the Feed button until the Status light goes off.).

4. At this point the status light should be off and you can now insert the fanfold paper. The printer should now perform a calibration and stop.

5. Open the print head and slide the paper back and then close the head.

6. The printer is now ready to be used.

7. To test if the calibration was successful,  press the feed button once and the printer will now feed and cut at the correct position.

8. If the calibration was not successful,  please repeat steps 1 to 5.


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