Card Getting Stuck Under Encoder/Exit Shroud

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Card stalling under exit shroud and next exiting the printer

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Printers

Cause or Overview

Possible lack of friction or dirty rollers.  Motor/Belt malfunction causing the rollers not to turn is a possible cause as well.  


Below are the three major causes of this issue as well as instruction and detail on how to resolve the issues:

Note: Before proceeding, remove the exit shroud to gain better access to the transport rollers. Use the following steps to remove the exit shroud.

1. Take the ribbon out of the printer.

2. Use a torque screwdriver (size, T10) to remove the two torque screws.

3. Slide the shroud toward the front of the printer.

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Possible Causes:

Lack of friction causing the card to stall under the exit shroud

The rollers located beneath the exit shroud might not have enough friction to move the card through the card path. To confirm that the issue is not due to a lack of friction, swab the rollers with foam alcohol cleaning swabs according to the cleaning document that pertains to your printer model. Swabbing the rollers is the best way to clean the rollers, and improve friction to allow the bottom rollers to pull the cards through the transport path.

The transport rollers beneath the exit shroud are not turning

To check if the transport rollers aren't turning, go to the Properties of the card printer driver.  Whatever the operating systems when you select the appropriate tab, you will see the Tools option. Select tools and you will see a blank command line. On that command line type the following command: MM_30000 Note: The mm in the command must be upper case. The "_" underscore in the command above denotes a space. When you send the actual command use a "space" not the "_" underscore symbol.  Example Command would be MM 30000.  Click the following link for more detail on sending commands to printer. Read More>>

Verify that the rollers are turning.

Ribbon jam causing a card jam

Ribbon melting onto the card, or wrapping around the transport rollers, will cause a card jam under the exit shroud. If ribbon has wrapped around the transport rollers or melted onto the card, perform the following steps to remove the jam and continue printing.

1. Turn off the printer's power.

2. Pause or cancel the print job.

3. Remove the ribbon jam.

4. Switch the printer's power, on.

5. Re-attach the ribbon from the supply spool to the top of the take-up spool with tape.

6. Re-latch the print head back down.

7. After the ribbon finishes cycling, resume printing.

If the recommendations above do not correct the issue the printer may require a repair.  Please contact Zebra Technical Support to verify if the unit has a hardware issue.  Read More>>

Also, feel free to visit your printer's User's Guide for further information on cleaning the unit and maintenance.  This can be found under the Manual tab of your printer's support page.  Read More>>


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