Card Getting Stuck Under Printhead on Zebra Performance Class Printer

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The card is stalling as it passes over the platen roller and under the print head.

Applies To

Zebra P330i and Zebra P430i Card Printers

Cause or Overview

This solution is useful for P300 and P400 series printers experiencing the card jamming error. Any of the following resolutions can be the cause of the issue and performing the suggested actions can be used to resolve the problem.


Lack of friction causing the card to stall under the print head
The Platen Roller located beneath the print head might not have enough friction to move the card through the card path.  To confirm that the issue is not due to a lack of friction due to a dirty roller. Perform a cleaning cycle as per user guide of the printer, this will improve the friction to allow the bottom of the rollers to pull the cards through the transport path.  Videos on the cleaning procedure can be found in the links below.  You will need the cleaning kit part number 105912-913 for the proper supplies (parts will be ordered via Zebra resellers).
P330i Support Page with Cleaning Video  Read More>>
P430i Support Page with Cleaning Video  Read More>>

Ribbon jam is causing a card jam
Ribbon melting onto the card, or wrapping around the platen roller, will cause a card jam at the platen roller.
For a solution on melted ribbon, click on the following link.  Read More>>

A problem with the print head
Check to make sure the print head isn't dropping too low onto the card path causing the print head to block cards as they try to pass underneath. If they are - printer will need to be serviced.  Contact your reseller or technical support.

Problem with the rollers to the left of the print head
If the platen roller does not appear to be the problem, the problem could be with the rollers to the left of the print head. Perform a cleaning cycle; swab the rollers according to the user’s guide that corresponds to your printer. Swabbing the rollers (with q-tip and 70%-90% isopropyl alcohol) is the best way to clean them; this will improve friction to allow the bottom rollers to pull the cards through the transport path.

Helpful information

Zebra Technical Support  Read More>>


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  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer