Card Jams After Exiting the ZXP 8 Printer's Transfer Station

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Card jams may occur when the card exits the transfer station. If this condition repeatedly occurs you may need to perform some adjustments using the printer utility.

Applies To

ZXP Series 8 Card Printers


Resolving card jamming requires adjustments to the ZXP 8 printer's "y" offset and must be done using the ZXP Toolbox that comes with the ZXP 8 Driver download.
The following link will guide you through adjusting the "y" offset to eliminate the card jams.   Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • ZXP Series 8 Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 8 High Security Retransfer Card Printer
  • ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance Card Printer