CardStudio -- Mifare Encoding

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Users with a Mifare encoder and CardStudio Pro V1 and higher. 

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This solution presents a basic way to encode Mifare cards using CardStudio. 


You will need a Zebra printer with a Mifare encoder (printers with letter D or H in the part number -- or upgraded with kit 105912G-134) and CardStudio Professional (Zebra # P1031775-001.)

The Zebra Mifare encoder uses a GEMALTO GEMPROX module. It will encode Mifare cards 1K, 4K, DESFIRE, Type A and B.

The following is based on CardStudio Pro version 1.0.

See the following link, "Mifare Encoding CS ZebraDriver.pdf" file for step by step procedure.  Read More>>

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