CardStudio Using the Face Snap Plug-in

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Using the Face Snap plug-in in CardStudio Software

Applies To

Zebra CardStudio Software (Standard and Professional Versions)


You can purchase this FaceSnap upgrade from any Zebra Card Reseller Partner.


Face Snap can be used to automatically crop and optimize images for production


Using Face Snap

1. Ensure that the Plug-In is actually installed before attempting to use CardStudio.

To ensure that the Face Snap plug-in is installed, with CardStudio open, click on "Help" and then click on "About CardStudio". If the Face Snap Plug-In is installed, under "Product Information" you'll see "Face Snap Licensed Version".

2. Access the Imager by clicking either the "Image Drawing Tool", "Image with Video Source Object", or "Image with Scan Source Object" button on the left toolbar. You can also double click on an image already on the card to access the Imager.

3. Once you have the Imager open, click on the button with the wrench and screwdriver located on the lower right hand corner.

4. This should bring up the Imager Settings. On the lower right hand corner you'll see "Auto Crop". Put a check mark in the box next to "Auto Face Recognition and Crop". If you click on the properties button you can adjust the brightness and contrast or the Image Margins and Positioning settings.

5. After selecting an image either by selecting an existing image from a directory or by using the web camp, Face Snap will attempt to auto crop the image. You'll see the image come up and you'll see either a red question mark over the image or "OK" in green letters once it successfully crops the image. If the image is successfully cropped, you should be back at the Imager and at that point you can click on the button with the check mark on the lower right hand corner.

6. If Face Snap does not successfully crop the image, the Face Snap FOTOMODUL window will come up and it will either allow you to cancel the Auto Crop feature and us the image as is, or you can click on the "Advanced" button and adjust the settings to attempt to successfully auto crop it.

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