Cards Sticking Together (Static Build-Up) used in Zebra Card Printers

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Topic or Information

What can be done to reduce the static charge of the cards?

Applies To

This solution is useful for

  • All printer models except P205, P210, P620, and P640.


Symptoms addressed by this solution include

  • Intermittently, two cards will feed in at the same time
  • The cards appear stuck to each other

Reducing static charge.

The nature of the card material has a tendency to build up a static charge. The charge is not necessarily a problem and special discharge brushes within the printer help to dissipate the charge. In general, the best thing to do is the same thing you would do for optimum print quality

  • Use new cards straight from the package. If cards fall to the floor, do not use, throw the card away and use a new card.
  • Handle only the edges of the cards
  • Fan the cards gently before placing them in the feeder (this helps dissipate some charge and helps with the initial separation of one card from another).
  • Ensure that the card gate lever is adjusted correctly. It should be open enough to allow a single card thru, but closed enough that two at a time cannot fit.