Changing Printer's Name when configuring a ZebraNet Print Server

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How do I to change the Printer's Name (System Name) on a ZebraNet Print Server?

Applies To

 ZebraNet Print Server, wired or wireless.


Windows Browser

 Access to the printer webpage via the network


The Printer's name (System Name) can be used as a DNS name.  The default Printer name or System name starts with ZBRxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx represents the serial number of the ZebraNet Print Server.  The System Name can be the DNS name depending on how DNS is set up. This can be altered with this procedure.


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Note: Changes may not occur on the system side immediately or at all due to these conditions.

  • Scavenging settings, DNS updates can take 24 hours or longer
  • If Forward Lookup Zone settings on the DHCP server are not set to allow both "secure and non-secure" clients to update DNS.

These were reported from a customer and no details are available and they don't apply to all DNS Servers.