Cisco controller EAP timeout

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EAP authentication fails when using Cisco wireless LAN controllers

Applies To

Zebra Printers using the Wireless Network Option

Cisco wireless LAN controllers

Cause or Overview

Some customers have experienced EAP authentication failures when using Cisco wireless LAN controllers. These failures were caused by the controller's EAP timeouts being set too low. The customers were able to successfully authenticate and connect after consulting with Cisco and following the Cisco recommendation of changing parameters on their controllers.


Although Cisco has recommend much higher values in some cases, the following commands can be issued via an SSH command line on the controller, and should be a reasonable starting point:

config advanced eap identity-request-timeout 5

config advanced eap request-timeout 5

The recommendation is to consult with Cisco to see if the solution that they (Cisco) have recommended for other customers is appropriate for their environment.