Cisco Controller Mobile Printer Static IP Address connection fails

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Correcting issues with printer unable to successfully connect with Cisco controllers when Static IP addresses are used.

Applies To

Zebra Mobile printers with wireless capabilities.


Knowledge of modifying and applying Cisco controller settings.


Cisco Controller

Cisco bug report CSCse63908.

Symptom: If DHCP required is not configured on the controller the APs learn the IP address of wireless clients when the wireless clients send out the first IP packet or ARP. If the wireless clients are passive devices (i.e. devices do not initiate a communication), APs fails to learn the IP address of the wireless devices. As a result, the controller waits ten seconds for the client to send an ip packet. If there is no response from the client the controller drops any packets to the passive wireless clients.

Condition: Only passive wireless clients are affected. An example of a passive wireless client is a wireless printer.


1. Config macfilter add [interface name] [description] [STA IP address]

Example: config macfilter add 00:01:02:03:04:05 1 my_interface "Zebra Printer"

and on the WLAN

Enable mac filtering

Enable aaa override

2. Or, have the AAA server to return "Frame-IP" attribute which carries the passive device IP during MAC authentication.


The recommendation is that any customer experiencing an issue with static IP addressing with Cisco controllers verify with Cisco that this fix that has been recommended by Cisco is appropriate for their environment.


Cisco Bug ID: CSCse63908


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