Cleaning the ZXP Series 1 and ZXP Series 3 Printer

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Issue / Question

This solution is useful for:

  • Cleaning the printer
  • Identifying when to clean
  • Cleaning the printhead
  • Cleaning the Magnetic Encoder

Applicable To

Zebra ZXP Series 1 & 3

Resolution / Answer



  •  Cleaning kit, part number 105999-302

Performing a cleaning procedure ensures you are getting optimum print quality and performance out of your Zebra Card printer. It is also part of proper printer maintenance and will protect your printer warranty.

Note: full instructions can be found in the User Guide

To purchase card printer supplies, including cleaning kits, please contact a Zebra Card ResellerRead More>>

+ Product Codes

  • ZXP Series 1 Standard Card Printers
  • ZXP Series 1 Standard Card Printers
  • ZXP Series 3 Card Printers
  • ZXP Series 3 Professional Card Printers
  • ZXP Series 3 with Security Enclosures
  • ZXP Series 3C Card Printers (China Only)