Communicating synchronously with a QLn mobile printer

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QLn printers can be set to communicate in synchronous mode such as the older Zebra Mobile Printers did

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Zebra QLn Series Mobile Printers


By default, the QLn series mobile printers communicate in asynchronous mode. This allows for improved efficiency and throughput. However, some software applications may not be compatible with this mode of communication. In such cases the QLn printer can be configured to operate in synchronous mode. Zebra mobile printers prior to the QLn series communicated in synchronous mode.

To change the QLn to synchronous communications mode, send the following command to the printer using the Zebra Setup Utility's communications window, or another suitable communications method:

! U1 setvar "device.cpcl_synchronous_mode" "on"

To change the QLn printer back to asynchronous communications mode, send the same command with "off" as the command parameter.

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