Communicating to the ZPL compatible desktop printer via the serial, parallel, USB, or Zebranet Printserver interface

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Topic or Information

Communicating with the Zebra Desktop printer via the serial, parallel, USB, or Zebranet Printserver interface.

Applies To

Zebra Desktop Printers using ZPL

2824 Plus
2844-Z Series


This information is useful for:

  • Checking port connections
  • Communicate RS232, USB, Parallel, or via a network  
  • Checking communication & parameters
  • Cabling and pin out requirements
  • Diagnosing data received by the printer

Symptoms resolved by this solution include 

  • Data light does not flash when print job is sent
  • Data light flashes but does not print or respond to label requests
  • Printing garbage, random misprints

The G-Series, LP/TLP2824 Plus, LP/TLP2844Z, TLP3844Z, R2844Z, & HC100 printers can be connected to a data source via the serial, parallel, or USB port.  In addition a ZebraNet PrintServer allows connection to an Ethernet network. 

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