Connecting a Pax Printer to a Wired Ethernet Network

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Connecting PAX Print Engine to Wired Ethernet Network

Applies To

Zebra PAX4 Print Engines


This solution is useful for:

  • Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting a printer on a Wired network.

Symptoms resolved by this solution include:

  • Printer will not print when connected to network
  • ZebraNet Print Server II, and ZebraNet 10/100 configuration problems
  • Printer and ZebraNet Print Server II synchronization issues
  • Can not ping printer


Wired network connectivity - Check the following list of solutions.

  • Ensure the ZebraNet Print Server II has an IP address properly set up.  Network configuration can be set through ZebraNet View, printer LCD menu, telnet or a web browser.


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Status Indicators Patterns on ZebraNet Print Server II

  • Check status indicator light on ZebraNet Print Server II. During normal operation, the LED is solid green. This indicates  all hardware is functioning properly and it has detected presence of the Network. If not check the network cable or hub.


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ZebraNet Print Server II troubleshooting steps to help diagnose connectivity issues.

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Testing the network connection by using ftp to transfer a file to the printer.

Sending a file using FTP details  Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • 110PAX Print Engines (disc.)
  • 170PAX4