Connecting a Zebra Scanner via Bluetooth to a Zebra Printer

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Topic or Information

Connecting a Zebra Scanner via Bluetooth 

Applies To

Zebra Printers with Bluetooth capabilitiy

ZD Series, ZT400 Series, QLn Series, QL Plus Series, ZQ500 Series, ZR300 Series, ZR600 Series, iMZ Series, MZ Series, RW Series, P4T Series 


Basic Instructions

1. Set the Scanner to Master
2. Create a Mac Address Bluetooth Pairing Label - For Mobile Printers generate the MAC Address Pairing Bar code printing a 2-key test (or if available print from the LCD DIsplay) 
3. Scan the Mac Address Bar Code with the scanner to pair

  • Verify the Scanner has the latest firmware installed
  • Observe case sensitivity if manually creating a barcode pairing label for the scanner.