Correcting Ribbon Wrinkle on the Zebra ZXP S7 Card Printer

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Multicolored lines printing on the card diagonally to the center of the card. These lines may be described as "tiger stripes" or "lightning bolts."

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Products Affected

ZXP Series 7 Card Printers


Ribbon wrinkles are caused by the printhead applying too much heat as the cards print. This issue is most noticeable when printing darker images or backgrounds.


Wrinkles can be eliminated by reducing the color settings in the Color (YMC) Optimization section in the driver's Printing Preferences.

  • From Windows XP: Go to Start> Settings> Printers and Faxes. Right click on the ZXP Series 7 driver and select Properties> General> Printing Preferences
  • From Windows 7: Go to the Windows Icon> Devices and Printers. Right click on the ZXP Series 7 driver and select Printer Properties> General> Preferences


Please see the following link for details on what the adjustments mean.  Read More>>