Dark Vertical Lines or Vertical White Lines (Voids) Consistently On Zebra Card Image

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Topic or Information

There are dark vertical lines printing on my cards.

Applies To

This solution is useful for:

  • All Zebra card printer models except P620 and P640.
  • Print Quality Issues.


This solution addresses the following problems:

  • There are dark vertical lines printing on my cards.
  • There are white vertical lines printing on my cards.



Possible causes for dark vertical lines on cards:

Hard vertical lines can be caused by different components in the printer. The most common is a damaged stepper motor belt or damaged platen roller. Although less common, a defective stepper motor can also cause this issue.  If vertical white lines are seen this more than likely is a damaged platen roller.  Printer will need to be serviced.

Additional Information

Find a local Zebra Authorized Service Provider  Read More>>

To send the unit to Zebra for repair fill out and submit the Repair Order Request in the following link  Read More>>

Note:  Response to repair request submission can take one to two business days depending on volume.