Default port number for Zebra Mobile Printers is 6101

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The QLPlus series, the RW series, the P4T, the RP4T, the QLn series and the MZ series printers use the default printing raw port of 6101

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Zebra Wireless Mobile Printers


This port number is important when setting up a windows printer driver to communicate to one of these printers.  The windows printer driver may default to port number 9100 when the printers are expecting to see data on port number 6101.   You can get to this setting by going into the printer properties via Devices and Printers or Printers and Faxes and right clicking the printer to access the printer properties.  From here click on the Ports tab and click "Configure Port" while your IP Port is selected and then set the Port Number appropriately:

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The default port number can be changed on the printer using a setvar command as illustrated below, or the host can send data to the default port number of the printer (6101)

! U1 setvar "ip.port" "6101"

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