Delay Between Kiosk Print Jobs or Jobs that Hang in the Print Queue

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Topic or Information

Troubleshooting delays between print jobs or print jobs getting stuck in the print queue

Applies To

Zebra Kiosk Printers


When using a Kiosk printer on a Windows 2000 or XP system connected via USB, if print jobs hang in the print queue or there may be a long delay before jobs print / between print jobs. The result may be a timing problem between Windows USB handling and the Zebra Language Monitor component of the driver package.

Try the following steps:

    Stop the spooler by going to Start/Run and type "net stop spooler" in the open field.

    Then restart the spooler by going to Start/Run and type net start spooler in the open field.

    Then go the Printer and Faxes screen and right click the Kiosk printer and choose Properties.

    Then go the the Ports tab in the driver and then uncheck the Enable bi-directional support.

 NOTE: You will not be able to retrieve status information from the printer. Please make sure your application can handle the missing status information.

This will send print jobs to the printer without regard to current printer status.