Determine what firmware the TTP 8000 printer needs

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Determining what firmware is needed for TTP Series Kiosk Printers

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Zebra TTP8200 and TTP8300 Kiosk Printers


 How to determine the TTP 8000 firmware version 

The best way to determine what firmware is required is to see what firmware version you currently have installed, and then confirm it is the latest version. In order to do this, have the printer print a self test page. 

To Print a Self Test Page 
  1. Insure paper is properly loaded in the printer.
  2. Power Off Printer via the power supply.
  3. Hold down the red or amber colored button located on the top of the print head just behind the Swecoin or Zebra logo.
  4. Continue to hold down the button while powering on the printer.
  5. Hold the button for one additional second, then release.
Within a few seconds, the printer should begin to print the self test page.
Next to the word “Firmware:” there are four numbers, then a dash, then three numbers. The first four numbers in the sequence tell you what type of firmware is installed on your printer. The last three tell you the version number.
On the Zebra website, this firmware file would locatable as “v1778.3.21” The v indicates that it is the type of printer, then the same four digits that are represented in the number on the self test page appear. The next number is the version and revision number. These numbers are combined on the self test page but are separated by a period on the website.
With one exception, higher version numbers mean newer firmware.
The only exception to this is 1749-310 and 1749-304. 1749-304 is the newest version of firmware for printers that take the 1749 firmware (8 Bit Standard TTP 8200). If you have 1749-310 you should change the firmware to 1749-304, as the 304 is the latest version. This file is available from the Zebra website as v1749.3.04.

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  • TTP 8000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printers
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